grow old with you

grow old with you


Fingertip fleeting instant downtown

Dyed in your love, to me the love, you remember? You can be once they begin? I am with you back and forth, you and I skelter, you always sentimental, you are always a different person, your eyes too cold, your words too harsh, you leave too sudden, I wait too pale.

After partition, the thoughts have become accustomed to seeing the flowers inexplicable sadness, melancholy suddenly hear love songs, we have traveled together passing the street will not help but stop and stare, perhaps looking forward to your shadow, perhaps too miss what we had.

Blossom eagerly wait, do not hate hate each other happy, edge to edge to make the final and sometimes, I hope you not only hope the return date, remember that the original desire too hard, going around in circles parting pain, injury has stumbled through, bitter difficult to break down.

Separated from the first year, I heard that you're in love, falling out of love I heard you, I heard that you have been badly hurt pain, I heard you had a year is not good, I do not know why the heart there is a happy feeling, as you had hurt I laugh it off, but in the event of laugh you bear, but more of a bitter heart. I hate that I hurt you quietly leave, this year I have separated at the edge of pain and longing struggled struggled to live, but you leave me cruel, pursue your so-called material life, how ridiculous sad reason , but you play the love of opera.

If you do not love me, why me? If you love me, why do not chew well together but soon to leave? Why it has to me after leaving endless entanglement? Inextricably confused me, till I covered in scars. Perhaps this is a trick that you love, maybe I was too stupid too naive, perhaps I too love you.

We have experienced too many shifting alliances, intermittently, separately, entangled together, quarrel, then separate mess lingering in this emotionally we have wandered in reincarnation. Actually, the most pain is not what you do not love me, but I can not give what you want, but you used to get bitchy way. I hate you Xianpinaifu, and I hate myself for not breath; I hate you pull off the ruthless, and I hate myself for no retention.

You pushed me into the abyss of love, you hurt me full of holes, find, I used to think I will hate you forever, you hate to memories so beautiful, strange when you go cold. You're gone throwing everything and left me a sense of endless thoughts of loneliness and frustration alone.

How many sleepless nights tossing and turning, the number of broke our hearts lonely day, everything comes from you, everything is on your end, with alcohol paralysis of his own nerves, with a cigarette resolve the bloody loneliness, with numerous not see the light from daytime to block hate you, and the time had looked on in my child mind sink into this mundane earthly love.

It is said that time is the best medicine to cure. I think, yes.

Separated from the second year, I no longer think of you day and night, maybe the reason I think of you, because you hurt me too pain, pain to use the time to heal the wounds of love. Now I will not miss you, because I know you're not worth to go sight. Only occasionally hear from you, you know very well, know that you live well, had no heart fluctuations, you no longer belong to me, I also do not have to hurt you.

In fine, clear years, like the wind blowing, the rain, like the ground, like a flower opening and leaves to fall as a day of brilliant sunshine still to bloom, and you can only stay in the memory of the old story, but occasionally they begin, but will lower timely, because you are years engraved in my heart a scar, once thrown into a panic, and now tears.

About you, I do not hate on me, have you ever recall? About once, I do not regret about us, whether you spoke? Love, pain and cried, hated, and finally I chose to laugh it off.

The love really a stranger, once thought people would love life of reason is not love. The original wound will heal once thought life would hate people unknowingly do not hate, and perhaps find reason to hate you, perhaps we are busy looking for the right man. To you, I no longer spoke; in my heart no more pain; for the former us, I had the most beautiful heart scars.

Going around in circles, stumbling, as if we have a big circle around back to the originally met at the corridor, down the stairs you gently greet my eyes, holding my love Red heart, I had dreams of ignorant when, encounter is because wedding day, from the edge to feeling drunk Acacia.

Separate long, long time, in a moment I suddenly remembered that there was a person to accompany me through some youth trip, your appearance, your figure, your voice, I gradually blurred, but in those fine, the day was clear, my heart felt a faint ache, I remember it was a youth in the most beautiful girl I left scars.


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