a U.S. Army veteran and engineer has left the military to join the cannabis industry

Calvin Hughes writes , a U.S. Army veteran and engineer has left the military to join the cannabis industry, developing medicines for people suffering from PTSD and other disorders.

Craig Henderson, who saw combat in Iraq in 2004 and 2005, founded Extract Labs in late 2016 after spending four years making cannabis extracts for Apeks Supercritical. he says the career change came from realizing that more and more cannabis farms around him had little choice to process their products into concentrates, oils and other medicinal products.

"After about four years of teaching people how to process cannabis with CO2, I started seeing cannabis farms popping up with no one to process the material for them," Henderson told Military Times. "So I decided to quit my job and start my own processing company."

Henderson, a Kentucky native, said he became interested in CBD extraction products while completing his graduate degree in engineering at the University of Louisville. Marijuana had recently been legalized in Colorado , and he was eager to get out and be part of this new industry. But getting into the work was a little more than he'd hoped for.

"I've been watching a bunch of marijuana documentaries and following the ever-changing laws in Colorado and California," he says. "I really wanted to get out [to Colorado]. I sent my resume to people and called different companies, but no one called me back."

He eventually landed a position with Apeks Supercritical, an Ohio-based marijuana extraction company, which allowed him to open a new location in Colorado. Now, the company he started in his garage two years ago has 25 employees and is preparing to open a second lab in Louisville to help more patients get access to the cannabis extracts that can change their lives.

"[CBD] helps balance the body," Henderson said. "So when there are certain abnormalities within the body, it helps bring them together. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and contains more antioxidants than green tea."

With all the attention veterans are giving to medical marijuana treatment, we hope that sooner or later VA will catch on and help bring products like Henderson to vets who need it


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