The complete guide to sports betting in India

The introduction of online sports betting has changed the way sports fans across the planet place their bets. As far as the Indian market is concerned, what do you need to know about sports betting before you start?

The legality of sports betting in India

Although sports betting is traditionally illegal in India, there is no specific law prohibiting Indians from using sites from other countries. This means that they cannot place bets at a local betting shop or site located in the country, but they can use an international betting site such as, which offers its services in India.

There is some debate as to whether sports betting can be expected to become fully legalized and regulated in the country, and since 40% of Indian internet users enjoy gambling, there is a lot of support for this. The number of Indians using international betting sites is now on the rise, and will likely continue to be so, as more and more people discover the convenience and variety offered by this approach.

If the site does not list India as a restricted country, you can join. If it is restricted in the country, either it will not be able to open the website or it will flash a warning when you try to open an account. The most reputable bookmakers are those that are properly licensed in heavily regulated countries such as the UK or Malta.

What are the most popular sports?

Not surprisingly, cricket is one of the sports most often bet on by Indian fans. In addition to upcoming Indian Premier League matches, they can also bet on international matches and matches in foreign leagues. Most sites catering to Indian customers often use cricket in their promotions or on their home pages.

Soccer also remains very popular, with European leagues such as the EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga usually being the main options on any betting site. The huge global appeal of the sport means that many bookmakers are very focused on it and offer special deals for soccer fans.

On most betting sites, you'll see the most popular sports in the world, from basketball to tennis to golf and more. Interestingly, some online bookmakers cater to the Indian market by offering events like vivo Pro Kabaddi League added to their usual selection.

Available deposit and withdrawal methods

One concern that Indian sports fans may have is how they will be able to transfer their money to and from their gaming account. This is especially true since they need to use foreign sites, which would be expected to complicate financial transactions. Fortunately, there are a number of accepted methods that Indian residents can use without problems.

Some sites accept debit card payments through Visa and MasterCard. This is a quick, inexpensive and convenient way to fund a gaming account. However, there have been reports of Indian banks rejecting these transactions because they involve betting. For some people, the AstroPay prepaid card may be a better alternative.

More and more bookmakers are accepting online bank transfers from India, and the popularity of this payment method should continue to grow. Moving money this way doesn't cost much, and transactions are also fast. Cryptocurrency is also likely to become more common over time, and relatively few sites currently accept it.

The best digital wallets in India offer a safe and reasonable way to transfer money online, and many are accepted by betting sites. PayTM is one such option, while Skrill and Neteller are established services of this type, but they can be more expensive than other deposit methods.

Not all online betting sites accept all of these banking methods, so be sure to check the options of the betting company you want to sign up with. You'll also want to know if the site allows banking in rupees or forces you to use a currency such as dollars or euros.

How to choose the best bookmaker

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a sports betting site. Most have a similar range of sports that you can bet on, so this is unlikely to be a deciding factor if you are no longer interested in a niche sport or a certain type of betting.

Accepted deposit methods and the type of welcome bonus they currently offer are more important areas.


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