Artificial intelligence can be integrated with electronic hearing aids

By integrating artificial intelligence with today's advanced electronic hearing aids, listening solutions can discover how users' biggest needs are to meet different listening environments and provide them with greater automation management to deal with their listening experiences. In other words, personalized organic organics are suitable for your needs.

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Hearing aids already exist, and can make wireless calls with smartphones for simple adjustments or streaming music. Combined with the use of a machine learning application, the application can process input from the linked hearing aid, and will transmit and receive anonymous details from the cloud-based AI listening system to assist in configuration. We provide the premise for a new method to improve listening.

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The new type of hearing system can provide people with hearing aids through a very simple A-B comparison, so that they become familiar with how people with compatible hearing aids prefer audio in the environment. Please note that if a set of hearing aids can manage 3 acoustic parameters-mini

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