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Three Options For Obtaining Trade and Commercial License in Dubai

Trade licenses in Dubai grant a legal identity to yourbusiness because it's a legal license that legally confirms the company'slegality. Trade licenses are normally issued to companies to set up legalaccountability for their legal actions in the local area. For instance,receiving a tradelicense in Dubai legally allows your business to function legally and inaccordance with the rules already implemented by the local administrativeauthorities. Therefore, to enjoy such benefits, you need to start businessoperations in Dubai.

A company registration alone is not enough to establishlegal responsibilities in the business. Besides, there are other importantrequirements such as licenses for employees and trading commodities. Forinstance, an employee trading license and a trading license are required tofunction legally while a company registration is only needed for the actualbusiness operations. Similarly, both of these types of licenses may be requiredat some point of time during business operations.

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Trade licenses and commercial licenses must be appliedfor after exhausting the options provided by the Dubai Trade Office. Forinstance, an individual may apply for a business license or a trading licenseonly to trade and engage in certain types of commercial activities in Dubai. Onthe other hand, a company registration alone is not enough to establish legalresponsibilities for the company. A commercial license or a trading license isonly required for the company's actual commercial activity. If you wish to dosome business activities without obtaining any commercial licenses, then youcan contact the concerned authorities so that they can check your status.

Once a company registration is obtained, the next step isto prepare all the documents needed for the licensing procedure. The documentsrequired for the licensing process depend on the nature of the companyactivity. For instance, if you are running a restaurant in Dubai, then all therestaurant supplies required for the operation must be imported into theemirate. There are specific business activities that do not require suchimports, but you still need to obtain the necessary documents from theconcerned licensing authority.

When a company formation is planned, the new company willalso require a license for its own set of activities. However, before getting acommercial or a trading license, you should contact the relevant authorities sothat you can check on the requirements for your business setup. A businesslicense is usually issued for three years and renewal is normally required.However, if you plan to run a limited liability company, then you do not needto obtain a license for its set of business activities.

Another option for obtaining a license is to make use of the Dubai free zone. In this area, you can purchase a commercial registration without having to appear in an examiner's office or obtain a license. If you do not have sufficient funds, then you can opt for acquiring a commercial registration through the special inspection scheme.

The third option is to approach the government authorities directly. If you want to apply for a business license, you have to submit a request for the same via a commercial registered agent. This is one of the easiest methods, as you do not have to deal with any other licensing department. However, there is an administrative fee and you have to wait for at least two years for the result.

The process of obtaining a business license in Dubai can take up to six months. When the application has been approved, you will receive a commercial document. This document will have all the details of your name, address, nature of business, contact details, and others. The document will also have all the necessary photos of the property, establishment, and others. Once you get your approval, you can start trading.


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