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Maintenance and repair measures of seafood dryer

With the introduction of drying out technologies, the seafood drying machine currently on the market has great benefits in contrast to traditional drying out. Customers can set various drying figure based on genuine needs to fulfill diverse drying out needs. So, what must be paid focus to in the maintenance of sea food dryer?

1. The airborne dirt and dust removal system is key component of the dryer. Once the dirt elimination product is evaluated and modified, the various components in the regulating device and also the device body should be fixed and clearly designated, and cannot be exchanged casually.

2. Regularly look at the lubrication and oxygen tightness of revolving components on supporters, engines and dirt enthusiasts, and take note of the efficiency of chilling and installation units. At the same time, the helping rollers should be averted from skewing in different directions.

3. Check the use amount of the easy-to-dress in components, and take note of exchanging the put on elements anytime. When there is a direct impact noise when the revolving gear is jogging, stop the evaluation immediately and learn the trouble.


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