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Outstanding Dissertation: A Line between Ordinary and Brilliant

The difference between an ordinary and an outstanding dissertation might lie in small details that many students tend to overlook. In that regard, an ordinary dissertation does not imply bad quality or a lack of research skills.

A grammatically well written dissertation, which is formatted according to the rules, is not necessarily considered an outstanding dissertation.

This article provides a few points that might distinguish an outstanding dissertation from an ordinary one.

The Topic

An important element of an outstanding dissertation is a distinguishable topic. The choice of topic can be seen as one of the most significant steps in writing an outstanding dissertation. Your tutor might approve the topic of your choice, but nevertheless, there are topic aspects that will define whether it is an outstanding dissertation or not. The following is an example of such aspects:

  • The topic covers an up to date problem, which currently concerns the society.
  • The topic provides a contribution to the related field of knowledge.
  • The topic would not leave more questions after the research.
  • The potential findings of the selected topic have practical implications.

Literature Review and References

Any dissertation should contain a review of literature and references. However, an outstanding dissertation might be differentiated in the way references are selected and the way the review was implemented. The choice of references has a great role in writing an outstanding dissertation, as it indicates what kind of knowledge served as the basis for such dissertation.

Generally, the quality of the references is measured in terms of credibility. Thus, such aspect as the number of times the source was cited in other scholarly works is a good idea to assess quality. In terms of literature review in an outstanding dissertation, it should be acknowledged that the review should not merely summarize the previous scientific accomplishment.

Better Include Dissertation Appendix Than Write a Too Long Paper

A section of additional matter at the end of a dissertation is called dissertation appendix. It comprises data, which for many reasons cannot be included in your dissertation. These can be tables, graphs, visual aids, research samples, statistics, questionnaires, maps, calculations, diagrams, and description of research methods.

Actually, it is information, which can be excluded from the body of your dissertation in order not to make it too long, detailed and complicated. Dissertation appendix can help to save space for necessary arguments and avoid distracting the reader from the subject matter.

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Some rules of the use of dissertation appendix.

  1. All information from dissertation appendix should be directly connected with your investigation. If you use dissertation appendix, this does not mean that you can include your family photograph album in it.
  2. Everything you have put into dissertation appendix should be referenced in the main part of your dissertation.
  3. Structure your dissertation appendix and make it easy to use. If a reader becomes interested in some information, referenced in the main part of dissertation and included in dissertation appendix, it should take him/her seconds to find it.
  4. The heading should be followed by a letter or a number. Usually, dissertation appendix consists of several parts. To format them properly, begin each part with a new page, include page numbers, which follow on from the main part, list them in the table of contents.
  5. Check with your supervisor dissertation appendix format. Your imagination is not restricted. You can include everything connected to your research. Just do not make your dissertation appendix too heavy to carry!
  6. Fortunately or unfortunately, dissertation appendix is not the crucial part of your paper. Only your research counts. However, take it seriously, because it is a constituent of your paper and will be evaluated by the judges. Make it neat and systematic. It should agree with the overall structure of your paper.

In an outstanding dissertation, the review will indicate why a new study is required, clearly identifying the gaps in previous accomplishments.


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