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What are the Basic Parts of a Research Paper

The research papers are the most important part of student life. A research paper is usually written to identify a problem, construct a methodology to investigate the problem, and provide recommendations on the basis of the study results and findings. . by the students as a part of their academic training or by the  professional essay writing service  as part of their professional life or by the instructors as part of their professional requirement. 


The research papers are usually published in renowned journals such as Jstor, Emerald Insight, Epscohost, Science Direct etcetera. 


The research papers are usually technical and requireexpertise to help investigate an issue. Therefore, being an expert  essay writer  doesn't meanhe would be able to write a research paper because a research study follows acertain format, standards, and procedures. Therefore it is important. to gettraining separately prior to writing a research paper.   


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A research paper consists of the following basic components described in detail below.



An abstract is generally not the summary of a research paperbut it is usually an overview of the problem being investigated or the hypothesis under study, the methodology of study design which has been implied, the results and findings which were drawn as a result of implied methodology and lastly the conclusion and recommendation. 


Introduction / Background

The introduction or background of the study introduces thenature and scope of the problem under study. This section explains why theproblem is important to be investigated and what is the background of the issueat hand.


The introductory paragraph generally presents theinformation to the reader about what he can expect in the corresponding articleor research paper. Sometimes it can be difficult to write a paper and, insuch cases, you can always hire a paperwriting service to assist you in your task. It would save you froma lot of hassles and you can get a perfect paper written by a professionalessay writer.


At the end of the introductory paragraph, the thesisstatement is written to provide support to the research question. It helps inproviding the structure, focus, and purpose of your research study.


Thesis Statement

The majority of the thesis statements either support themain idea or theme of the research paper. A thesis statement consists of themain idea of the research study followed by the supporting details. A thesisstatement is usually assertive in nature which requires a certain position tobe taken by the researcher to write the research paper. 


It is usually written at the end of the introductoryparagraph. The remaining part of the research paper will be supporting thethesis statement as stated. The thesis statement is the most essential andchallenging part of a research study and students are often unable to write anappealing thesis statement.


The thesis statement is usually written by the students atthe beginning but as the research proceeds further, the results or findings maychange hence a thesis statement needs to be written at the end of a researchstudy.


Literature Review   

The basic purpose of a literature review is to state theresearch findings from the previous studies which were conducted by theresearchers regarding the current problem or research questions. This sectionhelps in gaining an insight into the previous ideas and research gaps which areneeded to be addressed by the current researchers. The review also states thetheoretical framework of the theories which are relevant to the currenttheoretical framework. 


The literature review is usually taken from credible sourceswhich need to be properly cited in the literature. I remember once I was aboutto buy dissertation, Iforgot to include credible sources in my paper. But without sources, literatureholds no significance at all. It states how the literature is going to help theresearcher understand the topic, identify any research gaps, buildrelationships and the linkages between the literature and highlight the waysthrough which new research could be interpreted. 


The literature review also helps state the hypothesis whichhas been created to be tested in the methodology section.



The methodology section of a research paper consists of theresearch design such as study participants, the methods being used such asqualitative or quantitative techniques, unit of analysis, interview orquestionnaire techniques etcetera.


Results/ Findings

The results and findings are the outcomes of the methodswhich have been applied to investigate the research problems or hypotheses. Ifthe study is quantitative, the results and findings would be in statisticalterms such as regression or correlation variant etcetera. The result andfindings help draw the conclusion if the hypothesis has been accepted orrejected. 



The concluding part of the essay helps in creating a briefsummary of the main ideas and the points related to the main thesis. Itprovides the reader with the overall summary of the problem, the methods totest the problem, and finally the study results which were drawn out of them.


The conclusion states what you might have learned throughoutthe whole research paper. The conclusions also present the reader with furtherrecommendations and suggestions which can be addressed in futureresearch.   


Most of the students find it hard to write a research paper themselves, hence they turn towards an  essay writing service  for writing their research paper. But it needs to be kept in mind that it is not always the right thing to do. A student needs to write a research paper himself to develop his research skills which would be beneficial for him in near future. 


I hope by now you might have learned what was needed to learn about the components of the research paper. A research paper usually adds to an already existing body of knowledge and hence needs to be written cautiously. Good luck with your research!     



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