Yishun wellness hub for seniors, caregivers opens

During the massage sessions, volunteers can engage caregivers or seniors to uncover issues they may be facing or help them relieve stress.

The centre also runs senior-related activities and programmes to promote physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness.

For example, it has a community chef programme where Montfort Care staff encourage seniors to share recipes and cooking tips.

The centre also offers case management, counselling, caregivers' support groups, dementia and mental health screenings, as well as active ageing and befriending programmes.

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In addition, it facilitates advance care plan discussions where a senior's personal values and beliefs are considered when drawing up his future personal and healthcare needs.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugamattended the centre's opening yesterday, along with fellow Nee Soon GRC Mp Lee Bee Wah.

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Student care officer Sally Low, 47, who lives a 10-minute bus ride away from the centre, intends to be at the centre at least once a month.

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Ms Low, an only child who helps care for her mother in a nursing home, said: "I have cancer, and the chemotherapy causes numbness in my hands.

"I am happy to come here because the massages help to get rid of the numbness. The aromatherapy also helps me relax."

Volunteer Kalsom Abdullah, 61, who helps out with the centre's community chef programme and elder-befriending services, said: "I feel volunteering here is meaningful because I get to help the less fortunate.

"By volunteering here, I hope to encourage the kampung spirit in Yishun in my own small way, especially for the elderly and caregivers."

The community and private donors earlier this year raised the $300,000 needed to renovate the space.

The centre's opening was held in conjunction with the Nee Soon South Health Carnival.

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