How to write an academic essay

The word essay is originally French and literally means"experience." Robert's one-volume French dictionary explains this asfollows: “The result of the experiment; the first written texts of someone whotries to write in a particular genre. " The word "essay" alsomeans "a work in prose, small in volume and free from composition,expressing individual impressions and reflections on a specific issue orproblem and, therefore, does not claim to be a definitive or exhaustive interpretationof the subject." When writing essays, you need PayForEssay service. Essaysof this type usually assume that the problem is viewed from a subjective pointof view. It can be philosophical, historical and biographical, journalistic,literary critical, popular science, or completely fictional.

In the twentieth century, essay writing became a prestigious occupation, andthe label "essay" began to be attached to a wide variety of works.Today it can be both a note and a scientific monograph, which inevitablyaffects various school interpretations of the genre.

An essay is a written text. Despite the genre's inherent freedom, an essayis not a collection of unrelated sentences. It has all the characteristics of awritten text - semantic and formal coherence, grammar, information content andcompleteness. The essay has all the characteristics of a reasoned text. It isdistinguished by a free form, a subjective point of view that does not claim tobe exhaustive, and the equality of the arguments used, regardless of whetherthey are the result of serious scientific research or based on the lifeexperience of the author.

Academic essay

An academic essay is a scientific and educational form and an examinationtask that, using the wide possibilities of the essay as a genre, tests thelinguistic and communicative competence of students and thereby prepares themfor writing more serious research work and a larger volume of academic textsthat students themselves must create in the learning process. In the AcademicEssay Exam, students show that:

can detect a problem contained in a given topic;
are able to take a definite position on this issue;
can express this position as a clearly and clearly formulated thesis;
know how to reasonably defend this thesis, giving a sufficient number ofconvincing arguments;
they can create a meaningful, coherent, reasoned text to show that they knowthe rules and possibilities of the Bulgarian literary language.
The goals of the essay are related to the presentation and protection ofpersonal opinion (cognitive essay) and to convince the interlocutor (reader,audience) in the right of the expressed opinion (convincing essay).

The academic essay has some characteristics that distinguish it from theessay as a literary genre. It is written on a predetermined topic; it must meetcertain criteria that require a certain structure (an academic essay mustcontain a clearly formulated thesis, which, for example, is not required for anessay as a literary genre) and has a limited length.
An academic essay contains an introduction, presentation and conclusion.

The introduction presents a specific aspect of the topic that will bediscussed in the essay and outlines the main idea of ​​the text formulated inthe dissertation. A good introduction will help you compose it introduces the reader to the order of presentation, grabs the reader'sattention and gives them an idea of ​​the content and direction of the essay.The thesis to be proved, the position to be defended, is definitely formulated.The student must emphasize the important and the essential. Focus on answering thequestions - Who ?; What kind ?; Where?; When ?, Grabs the reader's attentionand gives him an idea of ​​the content and direction of the essay.

Thesis is the main, leading, main idea of ​​the essay, expressing andrevealing the purpose of the essay. It should be short and clear, well thoughtout and set in the right direction for the essay. Dissertation requirements:

The thesis should be unified and one-sided. Conflicting ideas in onesentence are not allowed.
The thesis should not be in the form of an open-ended question.
The thesis should formulate a single leading goal.
The thesis should be formulated as a positive statement.
The dissertation should be interesting for the reader, inspire confidence inthe author's position expressed in it.
A thesis can be dramatic, intriguing, challenging, but most importantly, it canbe defended.

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