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Everyone is trying to seek out new readers for his or her blog! I don't care if you're getting 1 million unique visitors every day, you are still trying to seek out ways to extend your reach across the internet! So I’m going to take a quick inspect 10 easy ways during which you will find new readers for your blog.

1. Guest Post

If you are looking to expand out of just commenting on blogs and wish to mean readers your quality of posting before they visit your blog, then a guest post is for you. There are plenty of bloggers which may love for you to make a guest post on their blog. I probably get a minimum of 1 email asking if I will be able to do guest posts. If you don’t be able to do guest posts then you need to buy guest post from the high-quality guest post service on a high authority site.

A lot of Guest Post Services are busy and would love a hand to lighten the posting load. This is often your opportunity to means other Guest Post Servicereaders why they need to be reading your blog also. One thing though, don't write on you and your blog. Provide quality content that will benefit your host blog also.

2. Comment Your Commenters

Usually, when blogger comments on your post it's because it's of relevance to them and their blog. So why not stop on over at their blog also, return the favor and see if you'll grab a variety of their readers. If you're during an identical niche, the chances are that you're going to gain quite a few new readers from this method!

3. Step Outside Your Niche

I have found the goldmine for getting new readers for my blog was to step outside of my niche when commenting on blogs. Sure plenty of my readers are 'MMO' or 'blog about blogging' bloggers, but I even have plenty of general bloggers, mum bloggers, and pop bloggers, who won't be as focused on making money but want to seek out the thanks to improving their blogging.

What I did to hunt out these blogs was to undertake plenty of blog hopping, where I'd visit the commenter of 1 blog, then the commenter of that blog, etc, and this chain would lead me to niche blogs that I’d not normally visit! Become active outside of your niche!

4. Forums

Forums are another tool for getting new readers I love! that's because it does work. On behalf of me, one blog alone is usually one of my highest referrers monthly - which I’m not whilst active there as I would like to be.

For me, being within the web marketing/MMO/ blog about blogging niche, I concentrate on webmaster forums. The pick on behalf of me is Digital Point because the community is extremely large which they need a link to your latest blog post from each post you create on the forum! Another growing blog in my niche is BlogPremiere which also provides me with a pleasing amount of the latest traffic!

5. Google

Search engines are great ways to increase your traffic because although it takes a brief time to happen when it does, it is a continuous flow that continues to work for you - even when you're sleeping!

6. Social Bookmarking

I must say this is often something I attempted to work out but still haven’t. However, I do know plenty of bloggers that have had massive (and I mean massive) influxes of traffic from social bookmarking websites like DIGG and Stumble.

If anyone features a post where they explain the thanks to achieving success in Social Bookmarking, be happy to link thereto during a comment below!

7. Hold A Contest

This possesses to be one of the foremost popular ways for bloggers to quickly increase their readers because it works! I even have run also have been a part of my justifiable share of competitions and each time I even have seen a pleasing increase in my traffic stats, comments per post, and RSS feed count.

8. divulge Something

Giving something to your readers possesses to be one among the only ways of keeping them. I’m sure you've seen all the blogs making a present of a free product (usually an ebook) to every reader who subscribes to their blog.

The reason they're doing this is often that people love getting things for free of charge and if the eBook is a few things that interest them then they go to quickly fork over their email address to urge it! And most bloggers know that folks are usually lazy to need the time to unsubscribe to things!

9. Submit Posts To Article Directories

This is something I even am doing on and off since I started with internet marketing and blogging about 18 months ago. All I can say is it works! I even have had one article have over 12,000 views and a couple of more each with a few thousand views each. This is often superb because of getting free traffic for about 2 minutes of labor. I usually just undergo EzineArticles, but there are 100's of other article directories if you'd wish to spend the time to submit.

10. Entrecard

Now I might not say that Entrecard is that the simplest source of traffic, but any traffic is nice traffic right? Now you'll just go search for lists of blogs with the entre card widget to drop, but why not be slightly more efficient and appearance for lists of blogs that promise to return the favor?

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