Water Jet Concrete Cutting Services

An excessive-stress, excessive-float water jet with an abrasion can reduce via thick concrete, even for people with heavy rebar. This is normally finished via a small orifice like a water hose.

Nowadays, there are water jet slicing machines that could feature with an excessive degree of precision.

Cutting concrete  the usage of a water jet has to end up very famous in recent times due to the fact it could reduce via thick slabs of concrete and different thick commercial substances like ceramic, metal, and all styles of stones.


The system virtually makes use of 3 key elements – water, an abrasive substance, and an excessive-stress device with an orifice just like the cease of a hose.

It essentially works like soil erosion however extended one thousand levels, extended to such a lot of degrees, and focused via way of means of orders of magnitude.

A water jet is normally used for putting off desirable regions of concrete normally whilst renovating a residence or building, or putting off broken regions. It is likewise used to reveal rebar.

For example, whilst exposing the underlying aid structure, water stress is decreased so the water jet will best reduce via the concrete and now no longer the rebar.

Using a water jet for slicing concrete is likewise referred to as hydro demolition. Hydro demolition is a quicker, greater particular and greater handy alternative than sawing, chiselling or jackhammering via concrete.

It yields higher consequences and does now no longer motivate cracking and chipping so there may be much less harm to the concrete and the rebar.


It is secure. Most water jet machines are robot-operated. It may be manoeuvred from a secure distance far from flying debris, dirt, and different dangerous substances. It may be operated at a secure distance without affecting its precision, manipulation and fine paintings ..

It offers concrete a clean area as it does now no longer strain the concrete. There isn't any burring, deformation, chipping, cracking or thermal strain. Just easy clean edges.

It could be very versatile. It can reduce via curved and flat surfaces, thick or thin. It may even reduce via tough-to-attain regions. Water is without problems manipulated and may paintings properly in restricted spaces.

It is rapid and efficient. Perhaps the quickest slicing approach there may be and it does the activity with accuracy and precision and fewer errors. Most errors take place due to human blunders so that is all however eliminated.

It saves time and cash. Water jet slicing could be very inexpensive. And due to the fact it's miles rapid and robot-operated, you get to store on time and labour.

It is environmentally friendly.

There is much less dirt production.

It continues the structural integrity unharmed.


Water jet cutters are pretty secure however there are risks which are nevertheless present. Any device that could reduce via concrete can without problems motive physical damage if protection protocols aren't followed.

Always live secure via way of means of following protection hints and sporting non-public protection tools.

Here are a few protection policies to remember:

Wear the specified protection tools earlier than you begin the paintings and ensure everybody in the region does too.

When working manually (no robot), maintain your hands / palms at a secure distance from the nozzle. If the water jet can reduce via concrete, it could without problems reduce your palms if you aren't careful.

Wear protection glasses to defend your eyes from abrasive particles. This can motive excessive and everlasting harm to your eyes.

Make certain that the painting's region is easy from litter and debris.

Keep headcount to a minimum whilst working the water jet device. No bystanders, please!

When operating outdoors, placed up protection overlaying to govern flying debris.

Keep covers and guards on in any respect times.

Do now no longer improvise or tamper with the device.

Follow working techniques and instructions.

When managing cutting concrete and machines that could motive excessive physical damage, overlook approximately DIY-ing it! Leave it to the professionals. Hire concrete slicing specialists like us, MEGA SAW, to do the tough paintings for you.  

The danger and risks to your fitness aren't well worth the cash you watched you may store in case you do it yourself.

In fact, in case you aren't acquainted with the device and haven't enjoyed slicing concrete, the probabilities are very excessive that you may motive greater harm to the structure.

Let us contend with the concrete slicing paintings for you. Our costs are inexpensive and aggressive and our carrier is of the best preferred possible.

We were the chief in concrete slicing and drilling in Melbourne for the beyond two decades and use the best brand new devices for electrical and industrial projects.


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