Highly Creative Argumentative Essay Topics - 2022

Some writers or students often assume, why is my audience not attracted to my argumentative essays? Are you one of them?

If yes. Have you ever thought about why is that so?

Let me tell you. 

Students in schools and colleges are when assigned an assignment and are asked to write an argumentative essay on a topic of their own choice. They pick a random topic from the internet and start writing on it. When it comes to writing the essay they are not getting what to write it as they have no idea about the topic. For instance, due to the shortness of time, I asked my friends to  write an essay for me Once. However, I didn't get good grades. All this started with choosing the topic of my essay. If a student or writer spends some time deciding what topic would be good for my essay, what topic will help me grab my reader's attention, and most importantly which topic is of my interest, it will help him get good grades. Your interest in choosing a topic for argumentative essay matters because it is you who have to write the essay and convince your audience and get good grades. 


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Highly Creative topics for Argumentative Essays

Professional writers always focus on selecting a creative topic for their argumentative essay. If you are not able to find one, choose a simple topic and add creativity to it. However, mentioned below are highly creative argumentative essay topics that will help students and writers in writing effective argumentative essays:

 Here I am, willing to share these topics with you. These topics are used by " MyPerfectWords " services that you must have come across online. What I mean to say is that professionals use these tricks.

  • Effective writing communication has an essential role in workplaces.
  • Fetus'protection is more important as compared to women's right to freedom.
  • Transgenders have the right to live freely.
  • Should employees be allowed to speak for their rights?
  • Is it allowed to keep guns for self-defense?
  • Should games that involve killing and crimes be banned? 
  • Technological-based learning should be introduced in all disciplines.
  • Is it fair to ask employees to work after shift hours?
  • Is it good to kill animals while hunting?
  • How should industries disposing of excess waste in the environment be stopped?
  • Should drug production be stopped in all countries?
  • How to deal with the adverse effects caused by the use of vaccines?
  • Should women be allowed to abort?
  • Actions taken against cyberbullying should be promoted.
  • Should employees involved in harassment be fired from their jobs?
  • Should a fetus be killed when the pregnancy is a result of rape?
  • What plans should the government make to stop the increasing rate of unemployment?
  • Do people from poor backgrounds have the right to education?
  • Is using references in getting jobs fair?
  • Should adults be allowed to take their career decision on their own?

Some students find topic choosing to be a tough stage and seek assistance from a reliable essay writing service.

  • Is child abuse a result of the unawareness of the nation?
  • The role of e-learning in the development of nations.
  • Is student-teacher interaction the only drawback of an online education system?
  • Should free access to higher education be provided?
  • Are our current internship programs valuable?
  • Is introducing practicality in learning a good step for a student's career?
  • Are mental health issues the only reason for rising suicidal attempts?
  • Should the production of tobacco and its forms be banned all over the world?
  • Should athletes not take vaccines?
  • Is technology harming children?
  • Should carbon tax be imposed on all industries?
  • Was the traditional learning system better than an online learning system?
  • Should ethics be taught in all disciplines?
  • Is excess discharge of energy in the form of waste safe for the environment?
  • Should following ergonomic principles be made mandatory for all organizations?
  • Is the expectation of higher grades the only reason behind students learning different courses?
  • Should online learning be adopted permanently?
  • Is human cloning allowed?
  • Is the introduction of robots good for employees?
  • These were 40 highly creative argumentative essay topics that will help students and writers in writing effective argumentative essays. I can easily write essay for me on these topics, do you???

Step-by-Step Guide to Write an Argumentative Essay 


An argumentative essay is a type of high school and college assignment that requires you to think critically.

To write an effective argumentative essay, follow these steps:


  • Choose a Topic

Consider what you enjoy talking about when selecting a topic. You should write about something that interests you and about which you can clearly speak. Never write about contentious issues. If you are still confused about how to choose a topic you also get help from an  essay writer .



  • Make an Outline 

A well-structured outline is required for a successful essay. It is divided into three sections: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Include these three sections in your essay outline. When creating the essay outline, you don't need to think about how I write my essays; just focus on those three components. Making an outline before beginning to write your essay is an important step in the writing process.

  • Create a Great Introduction

The introduction to an argumentative essay should begin with a hook statement. Give some background information before stating your thesis statement. If you require assistance with your assignment, you can seek assistance from a writing service at  reasonable prices .


  • Write the Main Body

You must provide strong evidence to back up your thesis statement in the body paragraphs. The paragraph should only include relevant information and should not contain any irrelevant details.



  • Create a Strong Conclusion 

An essay's conclusion should be both powerful and specific. If you do not end your essay with strong sentences, the reader will not think about what you have said. Say your point is logical without becoming emotional and by using concrete evidence. 

You can hire  skilled writers  to write your essay if you have an essay project and don't know how to accomplish it.

  • Editing and Proofreading

Never submit an essay without first proofreading it. You can eliminate all mistakes and errors in your essay and make it error-free.


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