Pishachini Watch Online Colors Tv Serial Latest Full Episodes

Pishachini Watch Online Colors Tv Serial Latest Full Episodes

Watch online Pishachini Watch Online Colors Tv Serial Latest Full Episodes, Pishachini free download in voot and colors tv

Scene 1

Pratik and Amrita tell Rani their plan is prepared.Pavitra will die tonight.Mendy sees rays coming out of the well.He sees light and Vikas's body goes inside the tree.Rocky looks outside.He sees the green light.He says who is that What is that light? Pavitra wonders what is Pishachini's plan. She thinks about dada Ji.

The family welcomes guests to the sangeet. Rocky comes to the tree. Pavitra asks Amrita where is dada ji. She says we are taking care of him, he's resting. Rocky asks Mendy who are you? He says I live here. Rocky says no one lives here. He says that the tree did it, itself. Rocky looks around Mendy disappears. ji's wheelchair here. Shikha removed it. Sapna says guests are coming, please get ready. She says Pavitra please make sure there's no trouble in sangeet today.

Scene 2

Babli and Manohar start the sangeet. Sanchit says my brother is starting his new life. Let's welcome the new couple, Rocky and Rani. Rani and Rocky dance on kesariya and enter. we didn't wake him up. Pavitra tries to sneak into dada Ji's room. She sees Rocky and Rani dancing and gets teary. Pavitra comes to the room.

Rocky sees Vikaas's photo. He recalls Mendy wearing the same watch. He recalls everything Pavitra said. He says what if Pavitra is right? Pavitra looks around for dada ji. looks at the photo, dada Ji blinks in it. Pavitra is shocked. She says dada ji?

Pishachini dances with everyone. Pavitra is worried. She cries. Pavitra collides with Rocky. Rocky asks what happened. tell me what happened. Pavitra says you don't know, so much is happening in this house. Things are changing every time and I only trusted you. You don't trust me. Are you okay? Pavitra says dada ji.. He says dada Ji is asleep in his room. Pavitra says he's not in his room. Dada Ji isn't there. He says I saw him in the room. He says let me look around. Pavitra says he is here, in this frame. Rani locked him in this frame. you saying.Dada Ji comes in on his wheelchair. Rocky is shocked. Pavitra is shocked as well.



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